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__________________________________________ tamarix أرز الملح
________________________________________________________________________________________________ flamingo observation tower al wathba wetland reserve, abu dhabi, united arab emirates rhino 3d, hand-drafting ________________________________________________________________________________________________
It is extremely easy to build a tower and put it on any part of the world and it would work well, but it is difficult to build a tower that would cohere to the context, history, and conditions of its site. Tamarix is a solution to the AL Wathba Wetland Reserve. The shape and form of the observation tower takes account into the shapes and forms of the native plants in the region (i.e., Salt water cedar and aquatic reed.) It is a tower that blends rather than sticks out in the reserve site. The tower is designed with the philosophy of minimizing disturbance and intrusion to the natural environment caused by visitors. The post and column façade of the building provides flexibly and modularity for easy replacement and future expansion if needed. The material used in this building also accounts for easy repairability and environmental-friendly ideologies of using European pallet boards as its main constructing component.